Maurice Wipf

Software Developer

While studying Business Administration and Engineering in Germany and Mexico, I discovered my love for coding. Realizing that my soccer skills wouldn't pay the bills, I began my career in an early-stage German/American startup. In 2018 after three years as project manager, I turned my passion into my profession and became a front-end developer. In the same year I finished an educational program to become a Mobile Web Specialist.

I build web applications and my focus is on the front-end. I am passionate about diving into new technologies. My stack includes Angular, Oracle JET, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node.js.

When you find me off the computer, I typically read 📖, run 🏃 and travel 🏝.



Over the years I’ve developed a curious mindset. I read lots of books as well as tech news because I love to know about the latest technologies out there and how they impact our lives. By sourcing information from different media, there are new ideas popping up in my mind. I write all of them down, no matter how odd or crazy they seem in the first place. Some of them I refine and share with others.


Everything that is not made by nature is artificial by definition. What sounds simple at first, means nothing less, that almost everything we touch in our lives has someone designed someday. Everything is design. And the counterintuitive truth is: "Good design is as little design as possible." (Dieter Rams)



It all started with iWeb, a software that was shipped with Apple OSX until 2011. It is a WYSIWYG-Editor to build websites. My first "web app" was then a trivial pursuit game about The Simpsons! Up to today I’m driven by my own ideas that I want to bring alive. In numerous projects I’ve built a tech stack including the latest web technologies.

Technology stack
  • TypeScript
  • Angular
  • Stencil
  • RxJS
  • Oracle JET
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • ECMAScript 6
  • Node.js
  • Nest.js
  • Spring Boot
  • RESTful APIs
Build, Test & Dev tools
  • Git
  • Gulp, Grunt
  • npm
  • Jest, Jasmine, Karma
  • Cypress, Protractor